Heat Wave

A Dark Comedy about two friends taking a Cross Country trip to get away from their narcissistic behavior only to find morals chase you wherever you go…

Heat Wave is a Dark Indie Road Comedy written & directed by Russ Russo (The Projectionist, Donner Pass) and to be co-directed the film features an All-Star cast that includes Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon, True Blood’s Natasha Alam, John Carter’s Amanda Clayton, Machete’s Mayra Leal, Broadway’s Olja Hrustic, Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier, Liberator’s Jessica Andres & more.

On August 31st 2012, Heat Wave meet it’s target raising $20,880 of a $20,000 crowd-funding goal !
We are all very grateful to everyone that pledged to make this movie happen. THANK YOU!

Production is slated to begin in January 2013.

Heat Wave is about life in Modern day society, Gen Y friendship, Moral decay, Narcissism and the winding roads, discoveries of self and all the people you meet along the way with a twist.

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