Russ as ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’ in “Batman Maybe”

In Brief: Russ Russo is a Los Angeles based Film & TV actor. Trained in NYC by the same teacher to Edward Norton. Russ has appeared on the NBC show Revolution playing John, a Rebel Hostage, opposite Mark Pellegrino (Academy Award Nominated Picture Capote, TV’s Lost, The Big Lebowski) .

Russ was cast in Ryan Phillippe’s directorial debut “Catch Hell” playing Eastern European Action Movie Director, Tim Remmit, opposite Phillippe. “Catch Hell”

In 2015 we will see the release of the film Act of War (Formerly The Projectionist) by Revolution Entertainment (Christian Bale’s Flowers of War) , in which Russ portrays an Iraq War Vet returned home suffering from PTSD alongside Doug E Doug (Cool Runnings, The Cosby Show) Natasha Alam (True Blood, NCIS: Los Angeles) & Kiowa Gordon (Sundance TV’s The Red Road, Twilight Saga).

Russ is currently working on the pilot for a New TV series for James Franco & Maker Studios based on the book “The Ultimate Evil” about the ‘Son of Sam’ murders.

In Full: Russ Russo is an Award Winning American film actor. His work includes London Betty, Land of College Prophets, Williamsburg, Act of War (Formerly The Projectionist) and Catch Hell.

He began acting in local Shakespearean plays during his teen years and was inspired by actors such as Marlon Brando.

Russ as ‘Irish Jonah Joe’ in “Land of the College Prophets”

In February 1999, Russ Russo began an internship at the Jewelbox Theatre. Jade Greene, the director of the theatre, was offering internships for acting classes. In the months to follow, he studied Alexander, Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Method acting. Russ worked as a utility actor in various plays during the internship before landing a lead role in Clifford Odet’s classic “Awake & Sing” playing Moe Axelrod, a role previously performed by Sanford Meisner.Russ began traveling to NYC to study at Tisch in various acting workshops as well as working with the NJ Theatre Exchange.

In March 2002, he landed the lead role in a short Independent film “Envy” portraying a character with multiple personality disorder. “Envy” won a Buzz award at the NY Independent Film Festival. Russ continued to act in various plays and films.Russ Russo is a working Los Angeles and New York City actor ranging from art house short projects to Off-Broadway theater to Independent film. Russ gained a reputation in the New York acting community as a rogue actor who dissolves into each role specifically to adhere to the character. After working for several years in stage and inshort and feature films, The 2005 Indie Movie Awards saw him nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as Irish ‘Jonah Joe’ in the Underground Indie hit “Land of College Prophets”.

Russ as ‘Brother James’ in “Williamsburg”

Russ appeared in several Indie  feature films in 2006, most notably Williamsburg in which he received great reviews. As quoted on Film Threat, “Fortunately, the able cast brings their characters to life and provide a memorable tapestry of lives on the artistic fringes. Best here are Russ Russo as a chain-smoking painter selling his art on the sidewalk while he seems to cough and choke himself into a slow death…..All told, Williamsburg is an impressive and memorable achievement.”  According to Together “Russ Russo then won “Best Actor” at the 1st annual Wine & Country Film Festival at Martha Clara Vineyards for his role in the Feature film Williamsburg…….with a 4 Star review by the New York Times.”

Film Threat Magazine’s “Indie Actor to Watch”

Russ Russo was named Film Threat Magazine’s “Indie Actor to Watch” in July, 2006.

“Russo is predictably great, with a Top notch Russian accent” Mike Watt –

“The bottom line is….. I just love to work.”
Russ Russo, Film Threat Magazine interview 2006

From 2007 to 2009 Russ played roles in several Indie films.

Russ is a 2 x Maverick Movie Award Nominee.

In 2009 and 2010 respectively, Russ was nominated for Back to Back Maverick Movie Awards in the category of “Best Supporting Actor” for the short Sci-Fi thriller  G4TV’s “Against the Wall”, in the category with Academy Award Nominated actors including Tom Berenger (Platoon, Inception) , also Nominated for the Feature Film Mockumentary “Throws of Passion”.

In 2010, he completed work on the movie “Donner Pass” playing Jed, a fictional member of the Donner Party

Russ as ‘Jacob Nicks’ in “Act of War” (The Projectionist)

In 2011 Russ completed work on a buzzed about thriller “Act of War” (Formerly The Projectionist) opposite True Blood’s Natasha Alam, Cool Running’s Doug E. Doug, Donnie Brasco’s Robert Miano, Twilight Saga’s Kiowa Gordon and The Soprano’s Joseph Gannascoli playing an Iraq Veteran , Jacob Nicks, who returns from War with PTSD and is haunted by his stay in a POW camp.

Russ and Westley in “Batman Maybe”

In Aug 2012, Russ appeared in the Viral hit video “BATMAN MAYBE” garnering over 1million views in a matter of days playing Bruce Wayne/Batman.

In September 2012 he guest starred on NBC’s newest show REVOLUTION produced by JJ Abrams (Lost) and Jon Favreau (Iron Man), scheduled to appear in the 3rd episode of the 1st season “No Quarter”.

Russ on the Red Carpet at the Manny Awards

Russ on the Red Carpet at the Manny Awards

In 2014 Russ won the New York City Manny Award for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ for his work in “Act of War” Formerly The Projectionist), the film also won ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Film’.

In 2014 Russ appeared opposite Ryan Phillippe in Phillippe’s directorial debut, ‘Catch Hell’ and began working on a pilot TV series for James Franco & Maker Studios based on the book “The Ultimate Evil” about the ‘Son of Sam’ murders.

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