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Teaser for the Movie NOVEL

Russ Novel 1
Russ Russo’s teaser for the upcoming feature, Novel, from writer and director Samuel Gonzalez Jr, opposite Lindsay Lohan’s THE CANYONS costar James Deen.
10 min version

Russ Russo’s Latest Reel of Various Works

This new reel contains clips from Russ’s appearances in NBC’s Revolution, Children of the Fleeting Light, Donner Pass & The Projectionist.

First Footage of Ryan Phillippe’s Directorial Debut “Shreveport”

First look at Ryan Phillippe’s directorial debut, “Shreveport”, in an on-set video released by ET Online.
“Shreveport” tells the story of a fading movie star who is suddenly kidnapped, held hostage and tortured while filming a low-budget film in the Louisiana city. The film is also supported by Russ Russo, Joyful Drake, Tig Notaro, Skipper Landry and James DuMont.

The full article can be seen on AceShowBiz.Com by clicking HERE

Though the title of the video is “Would Ryan Phillippe Want His Children to Act?” the interview is actually focused around the project and his experiences with it.

Russ on Oscar Night


The Start of a New Year

2013 is already  promising to be an wonderful year for us all!
This year production will be beginning on “Heatwave” which is undeniably something to be excited about.
As many of you already know pilot season is upon us which means a very busy time of year for Russ!
Wishing you all health, wealth, and happiness for 2013 and always. Happy New Year to you!

Russ’s Episode of Revolution Airs Tonight!

Tune into NBC tonight to see Russ’s episode of “Revolution” entitled “No Quarter”.
The episode will screen at 1opm PST – 10pm EST.
Feel free to leave your comments here at the site and enjoy watching “Revolution”.
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Private Screening of “My Friend Dick”

Last night Russ, Kevin Interdonato and assorted friends attended the first private screening of
“My Friend Dick” a film in which they both appeared in lead roles.

Bored-to-death (literally) Trevor Mills is about to pull the plug on his sad, numb (and impotent) existence when testosterone driven Richard – Dick – Burns enters his life and declares himself as his ‘Drill Sergeant Therapist, Dick’.

Visit Official Website

The Projectionist Private Screening

October 18th 2012
See the film before it hits the Major Film Festival Circuit with the Cast and Crew at the AMC theatre in Times Square NYC, would love to see you on this night. Come and Join us for the first private screening of “The Projectionist”.

Synopsis: An Iraq war veteran suffering from PTSD works as a night Projectionist in New York City attempting to stay below the radar, but soon finds himself in a destructive mix of hookers, drugs and murder……

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New Blue Collar Boys Review

New review on “Blue Collar Boys” out today from Film Slate Magazine
Read the Review

Blue Collar Boys Screening In LA

Movie Details

  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time: 93 min.
  • Director: Mark Nistico
  • Cast: Gabe Fazio, Kevin Interdonato, Bruce Kirkpatrick, Russ Russo, Ed Setrakian
  • Writers: Mark Nistico, Kevin Interdonato

This past weekend saw the premiere of Blue Collar Boys at the Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles.
There have been reviews of the movie coming out all week and the film has been received well.
Russ and Kevin would like to Thank everyone who came out.
For additional dates and times of the Laemmle screenings click Here.
For information on the movie and additional screenings visit Blue Collar Boy
Read the LA Weekly Review
Blue Collar Boys Review @ LA Weekly