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The Projectionist Campaign Video + Almost 40% Raised! *UPDATED* 100+% Raised!

UPDATED! April 3rd 2014: The Project was fully FUNDED! Thank you to everyone who participated.

The Projectionist Kickstarter Campaign Video from Ryan M. Kennedy on Vimeo.

Please watch the short Exclusive Release campaign video and consider supporting “The Projectionist”  which is currently available on exclusive limited release via Kickstarter.

By pledging today not only will you be helping this film reach a worldwide audience, but you will receive an instant digital download of the movie!

Since the launch of the campaign “The Projectionist” has become one of the 25 MOST POPULAR projects currently on Kickstarter! Unlike the other 24, we are offering something that they aren’t; an instant incentive!

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far we have already raised nearly 40% of our goal but we still need your help!

Visit to contribute and get your copy of the film today!

About “The Projectionist.”

Battling insomnia & undiagnosed PTSD, Jacob Nics (Russ Russo) a war veteran works nights as a projectionist at a decrepit theater. While struggling to adapt to civilian life, he soon finds himself tangled in an inescapable web of seduction, addiction, & violence.

Director: Ryan M. Kennedy – Starring: Russ Russo, Natasha Alam, Kiowa Gordon, Robert Miano & Doug E Doug.

“His empty eyes gaze in anguish at the few people willing to acknowledge him, and his voice has the halting cadences of someone who has forgotten the basic tenets of human interaction. It is a fascinating and devastating feat of acting.”

Russ Russo as Jacob Nics in “The Projectionsit” – Film Threat Magazine Review.

Read Review

“A fascinating vision of emotional isolation and physical angst along the seedier edges of New York.”
– Film Threat Magazine

Russ in R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Eamon – “Still Get Through The Day” Music Video


Russ portrays R.A’s Father Veteran Hero Staff Sgt. JOHN A. THORBURN in this latest music video “Still Get Through the Day” featuring Eamon for R.A.

About the Video

R.A. The Rugged Man returns with “Still Get Through The Day,” the powerful new single off his latest album “Legends Never Die,” featuring a chorus from multi-platinum singer Eamon. A heartbreaking true story depicting the loss of R.A.’s handicapped siblings and the struggle within his family, “Still Get Through The Day” is among the most personal and heartfelt hip hop videos ever made.

Directed by Douglas Quill
Beat by Ayatollah

Be sure to visit:
R.A. The Rugged Man Official Facebook Page

Eamon Official Facebook Page
Staff Sgt. JOHN A. THORBURN Facebook Fan Page
Russ Russo Facebook Fanpage

“The Projectionist” DVD: Special Edition Limited Release, Jan 31st 2014


Evince Productions & Create Entertainment are thrilled to announce the launch of our 45 day online limited release of The Projectionist. Beginning this Friday JANUARY 31, 2014, you’ll finally have the chance to own a Special Edition Limited Release DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital download of the film.
Visit on Friday January 31st, 2014 to place your order.

Until then, please stay tuned for more updates prior to the launch via:
The Projectionist Facebook Page
Follow @TProjectionsit Twitter

Vote for “Blockworld” (Against the Wall) on Amazon Studios


“Blockworld” is up for voting on AMAZON STUDIOS!
Please vote and comment if you want to see it as a feature film.
You will need to have an amazon account to do this!
Select the top video on the Amazon Studio Page then click on the blue stars on the right to cast your vote!
Follow the instructions from there!
Thank you for participating.

View BLOCKWORLD & Vote on Amazon Studios!

Film Threat Review – “The Projectionist.”


Film Threat has recently reviewed The Projectionist.
Read Film Threats Review of ‘The Projectionist” HERE

Happy New Year! What NOT to do :)


LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 18: Russ Russo attends the after party for the premiere of ‘Isolated’ on April 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images)

Try not to get wasted at Film Premiere After Parties when your photo is going to be taken, New Year’s Resolution, Happy New Year y’all!

“Shreveport” Predicted for Sundance

The film SHREVEPORT in which Russ plays Tim Remmitt opposite Ryan Phillippe is being predicted to gain entry to Sundance this year.

Read More HERE

How I Came To The Work Of Actor Russ Russo


The following was a wonderful article that was written about Russ recently Read More Here

Blue Collar Boys Now On DVD


Exciting News!!!  You can now pre-order Russ’s movie BLUE COLLAR BOYS on Amazon with Behind the Scenes footage and a 60min making of documentary , it will also be releasing later this year on VOD as well.

Click Here to View & Pre-Order BCB On Amazon

Russ Cast in “Killing Games”

Russ has been cast in the role of Daniel for the film KILLING GAMES with  principle  photography on the movie slated to begin in the second half of 2013. Russ will be appearing opposite some of the brightest young stars in Hollywood.